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Kurt Bauknecht

*Home Buying Time Line*

  1. Start by writing down your Goals.  What purpose does this house have?
  2. Get yourself Pre-Qualified…. NOT Pre-Approved…  The difference can save you THOUSANDS…..
  3. Sign up with a Real Estate Agent you TRUST and start receiving listings from the MLS.  DO NOT USE Zillo, Trulia OR
  4. Start looking at homes until you find the one that fits your goals.
  5. Put in an offer negotiating price, earnest money, inspection date, mortgage date & closing date.
  6. Provide the Seller’s agent with the earnest money.  Usually 1% of the purchase price and it is part of the total down on the mortgage.
  7. Do your home inspection ($500) and negotiate any repairs or closing credits.
  8. Pay for ($425) and have your appraisal done.
  9. Purchase a full year of homeowner’s insurance for the loan.  This needs to go to your mortgage broker.
  10. Work with your mortgage broker to secure your loan by providing any information requested by the underwriter.
  11. **We must have a clear to close from the underwriter prior to the Mortgage Commitment Date…** !
  12. Obtain a bank check for the total amount you need for the closing.
  13. Do your final walk thru about an hour before the closing.
  14. Go to your closing and purchase the house…

This is a good SUMMERY of what happens and when. There are a lot of small steps in between.

It is my job to see that you do not make any mistakes along the way.

Please feel free to call or email me with any questions…

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